Monthly Legal Support

Legal outsourcing: support of the company’s activity on a monthly basis.

Ongoing legal support allows the company’s employees to feel comfortable during negotiations, and helps the company’s shareholders and managers avoid losses and lower the risks of liability and claims from the state authorities.

Provision of highly qualified assistance to your company across a broad range of issues and constant availability will become a good alternative to an in-house lawyer or a legal department.


Within the legal support framework we provide services essential for running a safe and profitable business in Russia. The key services are:

  • Daily legal advising on the matters of legislative regulation and court practice

    Our client’s employees can address their questions to our lawyers online. We are always prompt in reacting to requests. You will not have to wait.

  • Drafting, analyzing, and agreeing contracts

    We will draft a contract, discuss it with the client and help negotiate it with the counterparty. Negotiations can be held in English. We have vast experience in drafting and agreeing contracts in various areas: leasing, supply, consignment, service provision, licensing, agent agreements etc.

    In our contracts we consider the risks of liability, corporate nuances, tax aspects, currency and customs regulation.

  • Customs issues

    We provide legal support in the following matters:

    • drafting and filing reports to the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation
    • resolution of disputes concerning payment of customs duties
    • resolution of disputes concerning bonded storage (bonded warehouses)

    Where necessary, we engage the Transport prosecutor’s office

  • Labor and employment issues
    • We consult on the matters of hiring and dismissal of employees
    • We assist in firing confrontational employees
    • We represent our clients’ interests in labor disputes in courts
  • Corporate issues
    • We introduce changes in constitutive documents
    • Assist in share sale and purchase transactions
    • Consult on the matters of structuring transactions
    • Register and wind up legal entities, branches and representative offices
    • Assist in reorganization of holding structures
    • Open bank accounts and provide legal addresses
  • Intellectual property
    • Trademark registration and preliminary search
    • Drafting and registering license and franchise agreements
    • Client representation in the Chamber for Patent Disputes and in courts
    • Protection from unfair competition: search of counterfeit goods, proof collection, bringing to criminal responsibility, damage collection
  • Legal due diligence
    • We carry out risk inspection of a potential counterparty within the frames of “Know Your Customer” recommendations: accounting and tax reports, litigation history, corporate risks, possibility of insolvency
    • We conduct regular monitoring of all legal changes of our client’s contractors and inform our client about all possible risks
    • Our specialists conduct legal analysis of business, inspect the actions of the top management for any violations, abuses and potential risks
  • Legal advising on antitrust law
    • Assisting in receiving the Federal Antimonopoly Service’s approval for a transaction
    • Filing complaints to FAS on cases of unfair competition
    • Appealing FAS’s orders and rulings
  • Legal advising on tax law
    • Tax advising
      • on income tax, VAT, property tax etc.
      • on taxation of export-import operations and transactions
      • on matters of tax optimization: lowering the taxable base, including the use of trademarks under license agreements, payments for other economically feasible works, services etc.
      • on VAT recovery

    • Analysis of the current financial and operational activities of the company and discovering risks and tax law violations

    • Tax disputes
      • legal assistance during off-site and on-site tax audits
      • export VAT recovery
      • settlement of disputes with the Moscow tax authorities
      • preparation of documents for inspections
      • preparation of objections to audit reports, representation before tax authorities
      • prospective analysis of dispute resolution in tax authorities and courts
      • preparation of documents to court hearings and court representation
  • Court dispute resolution. Arbitration

    We represent our clients’ interests in courts in the following areas:

    • debt recovery
    • corporate conflicts
    • appealing against the results of tenders and auctions
    • tax disputes
    • labor disputes
    • declaration of title, servitudes
    • unfair competition
    • intellectual property
    • protection of business reputation
    • recovery of damages
  • Settlement of disputes with state authorities. Administrative disputes

    Our lawyers have vast experience in successful pre-court and court appealing against orders and rulings of the Russian state authorities such as Labor Inspection, Federal Tax Service, Federal Antimonopoly Service, Federal Customs Service

  • Legal support of negotiations with counterparties and partners

    Our lawyers successfully represent our clients’ interests during contract negotiations. We speak English fluently.

  • Employee consulting

    We regularly hold consulting meeting with our clients’ employees and inform them about relevant and important legislative amendments and court practice. These meetings include Q&A sessions. Our meetings with the clients and their employees can be held online in the form of theme webinars.